Gift Ideas 2017, AKA Get. In. My. LIFE!

It’s the holiday season, and that means gifts. I really sound like a commercial. Ugh. Now I sound like the Grinch…

Pardon me while I go watch the Jim Carrey Grinch movie for the third time this month, if I’m being honest here.



Let’s cut to the chase, these are some cool gift ideas I’ve come across. Maybe they’re for me, maybe they’re for someone you know? Either way, you can expect that they are quirky and/or nerdy.

Target’s Modern Tree Toppers – I’m head-over-heels for these: an infinity light star that changes colors, and a neon sign star that also changes colors. Great for teens and college students.

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Little Lapel Plant Pins – I really, really, really want to copy this collection of little plant pins. I already collect souvenir lapel pins from places I visit and use them at push pins in my bulletin boards; now I want to make a garden “scene”.


Here are a few places you can get adorable pins:

262da488647c9147c0d0ec11e7d1e8a7 Nier: Automata Enamel Pin

il_570xN.1314970404_9oka  Set of 3 Plant Pins

a_mano-louisa_podlich-enamel_pin-plant_pin-lapel_pin-3  Aloe Enamel Lapel Pin

047EP_Plant_03  Plant Pin + Post

Succulents_and_Plants_3_Pins_NO_TIMLEE_540x  Succulent Plant Pins with Drop

HTB1ZHOMRpXXXXbKaXXXq6xXFXXXj_original  Cacti Plant Pins

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset  Succulent Plant Pin Set #4


 Star Wars Patches – Because the movie is coming out this Xmas and I am SOOO excited. I need some subtle nerdy fandom to carry with me.
Yub Nub Ewok Morale patch – made from PVC and stitching. I feel like these would be perfect on a satchel or backpack.
Rogue One Squad Rank Iron-on – you’re the rebellious of the rebels.
Cake Signs – I love these cheeky cake toppers. I saw them featured on one of my favorite blogs, and then I bought them myself, and I just have to say they are so much better in person.

Marble Dual Powerbank Charger – any portable charger will do. You can’t go wrong with this stocking-stuffer. This one just happens to be opal and I need it.


Pegasus Unicorn Pool Float – you can find anything on Amazon, and I found the thing I need for hot summers in Texas. The model on Amazon freaks me out a little; why is she looking at me that way with a pool float, that’s weird, lady.


Corgi On Fleek Shirt – I love this YouTube vblogger, Ryen, and his corgi, Gatsby. If you haven’t had the chance to watch his videos, do it. Not only are there plenty of footage of Gatsby being adorable, but there is lots of nerdy reviews, cooking, adventures in nature and Target, and saltwater aquarium upkeep, all to keep you interested.