About Me

Hello world! You can call me Chell-bell, or Chelsea!

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Geeky, nerdy, dorky, short, sweet, and not-so-to-the-point, are all words that I use to describe myself, and I’d proudly wear them on a graphic tee if one such shirt existed. I’ll just make my own…. *furiously scribbles down idea*

I’m very into video games, fashion, anime/manga, sci-fi, DIY, Harry Potter, science, Star Wars, watercolor, sushi, books, corgis, Pokemon, pixels, cheesecake, Legend of Zelda, galaxies, tattoos, post-apocalyptic futures, succulents, cacti, & magnolias, all the quirky things, and all things creative.

A little more about me: I am the oldest sister out of a lot of girls, and I have a corgi named the Winnafred, or Winnie.


I also have two cats, Bowser and Sakura, and a loving, adorable partner who is to be referred to as Bo on this blog.

I myself, am an artist. I do a little bit of everything. I used to work at Michael’s store for years and years, the employee discount was the BOMB. I went onto to take many, many, many art classes in college, going so far as to earn an Associates of Art, minored in studio art, and nearly had enough credits for a Bachelor’s! Maybe one day I’ll finish that one for fun?

My greatest passions are art (obviously) and medical science–especially that of psychology, cytology, and anatomy–the marriage between the art and science is something I think can help many people, as it helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. Art comes in many forms, through the creative medias, books, movies, games, even history and science–all are inspiring!

My life’s inspiration stems from a special childhood memory of laying on the floor reading Harry Potter, and I thought, “Wow, this story is phenomenal, and Rowling shared it with the world. I’m so happy she did.” It was then I decided that I would share my ideas. Rowling’s personal story of struggle and hardship has been not only a defining moment in my life, but a great source of inspiration and personal growth.


It doesn’t matter if I become famous or popular or that I make money, all I want is that at least one person becomes happy because I put myself out there, and in turn, they too want to share their ideas. Just like Rowling did for me.

I hope you get inspired to try some new things, and I invite you to share your thoughts with me, too!

Visit my Etsy store ChellBellCraft!



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