Fragrant Jewels Review

You’ve probably seen those ads all over Facebook about Fragrant Jewels or some other advertisement for a similar product.


I requested from my S.O. the Wicked set by Fragrant Jewels. Why? Because it’s got a black candle, a black bathbomb, and an onyx stone with rose-gold rings in each! I love black. It’s my main staple!

Both the candle and bath bomb smelled fantastic. The candle took over three days and some digging to get the ring out. The bath bomb was used up with one bath, but it was a very nice bath!

I still have the candle, it’s mangled on the inside, but the label on the glass is too pretty to discard so I kept it.


This was my favorite ring of the two that I got in the set. Both were priced at $25 each, the minimum value for rings in the Wicked set. I just love that this ring has little hearts on the sides, perfect as a gift from my man.

The downside was that they required a monthly subscription to order just one set, and my boyfriend did not realize that going into the purchase, and neither did I. I thought that people could order one set and be done. They essentially suckered my boyfriend into monthly subscriptions and he ended up getting charged for the next month when we only wanted the Wicked set. Not to worry, we used that month’s candle and bath bomb together. We soaked our feet and the candle smelled nice. The rings from that month were not even close to being as pretty as the one’s from the Wicked set. It took a lot of back-and-forth to cancel the monthly subscriptions. I think the customer service could be better if there was a more efficient option to contact the company than just email. It was a tad bit frustrating if you ask me.

All-in-all, I was very satisfied with the products and would rate it an 7.5/10. Good, edging on great, had it not been for the monthly subscription debacle. If you are looking to get a candle and bath bomb and two rings frequently, like you burn through candles like no tomorrow, then the monthly subscription is a great deal for you.