DIY Rainbow Accent Wall — A Beautiful Mess

You guys know I love my white walls. Almost our ENTIRE home is painted white. And I love it. I even recently went BACK to white on a couple spaces I haven’t shown you because I couldn’t handle the darker tones. With that said, today I am branching out… WAY OUT. Today I’m so excited…

via DIY Rainbow Accent Wall — A Beautiful Mess

Accent walls can really make a room. BUT! There are few people daring enough to take a plunge such as this rainbow wall.

A round of applause for the rainbow room! I’m so glad it exists!!

A Beautiful Mess is by far one of my most favorite blogs out there on the Internet, and this is but one of the kazillion ideas shared on their site.

If you can’t tell already: 10/10 recommends the blog A Beautiful Mess, and creating a bold accent wall. In the words of Shia, “JUST DO IT!”

If you’re too chicken to go for a rainbow, here are a some other amazing wall ideas I love (all found on Pinterest):

Go for a daring painted mural–let it take over the room

A giant floral painting can act as an accent wall all on its own

If you have a monochromatic space, a textured detailed headboard will pull focus without being a distraction

Ombré a wall in the color scheme as the room, or add wood planks the same tone as the walls

Plants a plenty can be the accent on the focus wall for a more organic or fantasy look

See my Pinterest “Walls & Shelves” board for more wall inspiration!