My First IKEA Trip

Alternate title: Chelsea looses her shit in a store over bookshelves and pokeable cabinets


Sooo, I’ve never been to Ikea before.

Yep. Never.

I have heard many things. Good things. And strange things.

It’s a magical place…

You’ll want to buy everything…

The journey requires a day…

You’ll get lost for hours…

Eat the meatballs…

My best friend, Daniella, took me to Ikea. She knew I was an Ikea virgin, and we have a special bond over shopping together. I make her laugh, we encourage excess spending, and root out the weird and tacky, while making jokes. We are a diabolical team, as far as shopping goes.

Some things were beautiful and amazing.


Library goals!

I probably hung around the shelving section longer than I care to admit. Daniella dragged me away.

I discovered amazing cabinetry details. 

Yes, that’s tattoo on my finger. It’s glasses.

Poking every cabinet from there on was immensely entertaining.

Some things were… odd. 

Why was that rug corn? Why did that deer have testicles on his face? Why does Ikea sell turf?

So many questions.

Other stuff was interesting!

Pixel anything speaks to me. So do optical illusions.

I told myself not to buy things.

But I did anyway.


That succulent is already very, very dead.

The cactus is still kicking around, and I painted the terra cotta pot to be reminiscent of Monet’s water lilies. The large box was a white and copper geometric metal lamp shade. NOOOO idea what I’m going to do with it. I don’t have anywhere to put it, so it’s been in my car trunk since the trip to Ikea.

Which was in July. 

I’m really bad about cleaning out my car.

And yet, my room is spic-and-span…?

I have weird priorities.

Daniella purchased a cute spice rack and this clearanced mobile shelf cart.


I completely accidentally slightly intentionally creeped on this family having an argument while I was trying to document my love for this huge beveled mirror. I needed to remember the mirror’s name  with all the nonsensical letters in it so I could look it up later!

Sorry random huge family with kids chilling in the bed. Off camera the mom was rounding up more kids. Seriously, there were so many kids. Like six. That’s so many. I come from a family of four–or five, depending on technicalities. More than three is so many kids, take it from me and my experience of being the oldest of four or five kids.


Totally not creeping.

That’s Daniella’s spice rack, which is called “BEKVÄM,” on the bed behind me. She got it so she could paint it the same color as the adorable cart, which was called “RÅSKOG.” The turquoise color is no longer available, sadness! That particular day I was having a fabulous curly hair day. I also love that sweater shirt I was wearing. That might be my favorite shirt… Insert other random comment that references this picture. I’m just being ornery now.

BTW, this is the mirror:


It’s about six feet tall. I will own a gigantor mirror one day. Need to get my own place first.

In other news, I got me a new boo (hah! boo is a dumb word for boyfriend, haha!) and he’s adorable and sweet and wonderful, and moving to a new place.

He asked me to decorate the new place. Maybe I can stash my white and copper lamp shade there?

But what the hell am I going to do with this??!



It’s freaking gorgeous. But I got nothing on ideas. I simply don’t remember what I was planning when I bought it, but I’m not giving up. Sooo….


I’ll think of something. In the meantime, I have less than three weeks until I graduate from Texas State University, MAGNA CUM LAUDE whoo-whoo, ahhh yeeeeah!

My total focus is on school for these next few weeks, and that’s where I’ve been for the past few months. In the midst of all the papers I had to write for the semester, I completely forgot about my blog. Not that many people read it, I appreciate those who do, but let’s be honest, this blog is for me and all the ideas that take up space in my brain.

AKA I do this for fun.

And fun I shall have as soon as I graduate, December 16th! Until then, here are some Future Blog Posts (subject to change):

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And many more ideas to come.