“Places I’ve Been” Map

I’ve had this beautiful watercolor map print for a couple years now.


I bought it from “Happy Place designs” on Etsy. They were extremely helpful when I needed to switch out sizes, and the print itself is beautiful. I wanted a watercolor map where I could see individual countries all around the world. Hawaii and Antarctica are missing, which I can live with or I can add in later. The watercolor was rainbow and splattery and perfect for my needs.

It was an easy project to make the print into a “Places I’ve Been” map.

I bought a cheap white frame from Michael’s, removed the glass, and placed the print over foam board students usually use for presentations, and inserted the combo into the frame like normally. The foam board replaces the space that the glass took up.

The pins I use are sequin pins. They have small heads so I could cluster the pins easily if needed.

The issue I always had, though, was seeing the pins.


Where are they??

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the silver, I just can’t see them that well.

And there is a lot of them.

So I thought I’d color the pins.

I got some nail polish from my sisters’ vast collection.


The colors are (from left to right):

Essie – #913 Orange, It’s Obvious! (OMG, it really is!)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – #540 Combustealble (This is just gibberish. This name literally has nothing to do with green.)

Sinful Colors Professional – #839 Sugar Sugar (What I want to know is where did they get sugar from? Sugar is white or yellow, not sparkly red.)

Essie – #772 Butter Please (What the what? Butter? I just call it blue.)

Names of nail polish never make any sense to me….

Regardless, I thought these colors looked nice with the print.


If your painting your own pins with nail polish, make sure to wipe off all the excess. You don’t want any drips on the map.

It did happen once to me :[


The pins don’t need very much paint, so it really is important to wipe off the excess. Just tap the pin heads once or twice and you’re good.



It’s a subtle change between photos, but I can see the difference sitting in front of me at my desk and I like it.