Dream Home

Everyone has thought about their ideal place to live. It could be in a tropical place far away, or in a mansion, or in NYC. None of that sounds appealing to me. I want simple. I want blank slate. I want to customize. I want DIY, and quiet, and suburban.
If I really did have my way, I’d redo the house I live in. It’s a great house in a friendly neighborhood that doesn’t have trouble, at least it didn’t after we installed our security system. We get gorgeous sunsets everyday that I can see from the small hill in our backyard. The patio was built with blood, sweat and tears with my family; I couldn’t be prouder of it.
What I would change about my home are the wall colors and the flooring. White walls would replace the vile taupe–VILE I TELL YOU–and the carpet would be gone with faux wood flooring in its place. Who knows what will happen in the coming years. For now, I’m grateful–and free to dream!
If my dream home is not in the current house I live in, I’d want a one story house. I don’t like vacuuming stairs, nor do I like the idea of having to go up and down stairs for laundry.
The living room would be a centerpiece. Gallery wall! Sectional seating! Bright and airy! Long, sheer curtains! Plants! Game station! Modern fireplace!–w/ a pixel fire. Look at that cool hack from Mettes Pottery for sectionals: They took two twin beds and made removable backrests!

I love the color blue so I may go with a daring blue study. In here would the library.

FLOOR TO CEILING BOOKCASES WITH ROLLING LADDER IS THE DREAM, taking up an entire wall, all decorated with trinkets. The bookcase would be the same color as the office, so… blue. The books would be arranged by color, if possible. But then my Harry Potter collection will be broken up… But the rainbow is so pretty! Decisions, decisions.
The kitchen would either have to open concept that opens out to the living room, or at least have enough room to have a table to eat at. The table can be part of a large island, so long as the island has a built in bookcase for cookbooks and spices. And the cabinets are open shelving with a pop of color.
Going into the fantasy realm, I’d gut the attic and make it into a studio gallery office. Skylights would brighten the room with natural lighting. This example is my favorite skylight I’ve seen yet.
A single large desk and a single chair would face the room, not shoved into a corner! And the ultimate art & crafts supplies organized neatly would be nearby. I already have fantastic modular storage cubes from Michael’s for my craft supplies. I would improve the craft storage by rearranging, customizing, and repainting them. And figuring out a way to make the cubes stay together instead of leaning, creating gaps between the stacks.
The backyard would have simple seating. A fire pit is a must, I like burning things, and s’mores. I’d have a rain water collecting tank to water plants, with rain chains and a gutter cover made out of a trellis so plants can grow up the sides of the house. I’d do natural art out of stones to make the patio. And wisteria everywhere!
I prefer grass and stones in my yard, and flowers in pots around the patio. I would love to have a greenhouse/storage shed combo where I can store tools and have a place to stash plants that need to be protected from the cold in winter time. Hydrengea Girl has some hilarious punny posters perfect for garden sheds.


I’ve learned several tricks from Pinterest, too. Like these!

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