You Can Do Perler Too!

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is make pixel art with Perler beads. If you don’t know what Perler beads are, see here.

Currently, all I sell in my Etsy shop are Perler projects, I am hoping to add drawings, paintings, and jewelry soon though!

I find designs from video games, and create my own. The web is full of inspiration, I’ve learned that cross-stitch patterns can be recreated in Perler!

For little money and effort, you too can have a nerdy piece of art or decoration in your home.

These are my favorite Perler ideas:


Kyoti Makes did a fantastic tutorial over at her WordPress blog. Check it out!!



You can totally follow cross stitch patterns and recreate them with Perler beads! I’ve done it lots of times. This “Geek” is my favorite, because I’m a geek and the font is lovely.


Geek Ambigram Cross Stitch Chart found here


The most detailed Hylian Shield I’ve found to date (there are better Master Swords out there though). There is no source link because the original Etsy listing and shop doesn’t exist anymore. So sad! I’ll definitely be making one of these for my office one day, hopefully it’s big enough. If not, Perler is meant to be moved around and experimented with!



I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the peacock design. This is a great example of how using Perler can create some amazing graphic artworks. Camilla Drejer’s website may need some translating. The artist used “Hama beads” which are Europe’s Perler beads. I think Hama came first. (Don’t mix the two brands together, they won’t fuse at the same rate.)


Lisa Haulrik uses Hama beads to make huge abstract colorful artworks! She mounts the finished pieces to wood boards for permanent display. See more of her works here.


Every time I see this, I fall on the floor laughing. Literally ROFLing right now. And now I’m singing the song. Princess Peach swinging on a wrecking ball Chain Chomp from Super Mario. So great, so meta, I can’t stop smiling.


Buy it here!


Rainbow Pixel Skull has become one of my favorite pieces that I’ve hung on my wall. This was the inspiration for mine. I didn’t use the cream color or the transparent beads in mine. You’ll see it again when I reveal my gallery wall! The link goes to a crocheter who credits the original sources, check out her amazing giant cross-stitch version of this skull!



Story of Your Life did this beautiful tutorial on Perler jewelry. It’s so versatile, and adding a small amount of metal can really glam these kids crafts up. And I just gotta say, Ms. Soraya is GORGEOUS!



You can easily make a bright phone case with Perler/Hama beads. Simply glue to a clear phone case! BlackChameleon had a listing, but it’s no longer available. It’d be much better to make your own though, that way you can show off your handy work! Make sure to use E6000 glue and let it set for at least 24 hours, after a week the glue will be waterproof too!



And lastly, but not leastly! Cute pixel birthday candles are a really original way to decorate your cake!

I’m making some because my birthday is in 3 days!!


Link unavailable due to needing to be invited to see the blog.

I’m super excited to celebrate my 26th birthday with my family. While I may not be able to enjoy as much cake as I’d like this year due to doctor’s orders to lower my cholesterol (stupid Mediterranean diet), I’m still going to eat one piece and enjoy my little pixel creation.

Check out more pixel ideas on my Pinterest board.

And if you’d like a pixel creation, I sell a few designs at my Etsy store ChellBellCraft and I’d be happy to do any commissions, too.

But honestly, I’d much rather you make your own and experience the joy of crafting for yourself!! Have fun!!