Plants Plants Plants

Ever seen “Troll in Central Park”?


This was one of my favorite childhood movies. I probably watched that when I was a kid every time I visited my cousins, because they had it and we didn’t. I was drawn to it because of the scenes with flowers. I was raised gardening due to my mother’s amazing talent for making things grow.

My mom is Stanley the troll. I’m the troll queen. Only without the power of turning people to stone with my thumb…That would be awesome.

I kill whatever I try to grow. I tried so hard last year too; I took good care of the patio plants and the garden trees with my sister, Ashley. But when we went off to Asia for a month, the plants suffered tremendously. Ashley managed to save most of them and even made some come back to life, but my beloved ZZ twins did not.

These poor plants aren’t the first of my victims. I had a succulent given to me for my 25th birthday, and it died within two months. I’ve also destroyed a sprouting tree I was trying to trim down, and killed two bushes in the front yard from a desperate attempt to manage weeds that were threatening to choke them. I do not have a green-thumb, I am not the friendly red-head troll named Stanley, I am a murderer of all things green and leafy.

But I love plants! Do you see my conundrum?

I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to the arranging, study, and care-taking of plants:

These are my favorite pins:

I’ve become obsessed with finding floral prints to add to my wardrobe. My boyfriend wears bright Hawaiian shirts. Maybe I’m drawn to the prints because of him? Maybe I’m drawn to him because of his colorful floral shirts? In some ways, it is on trend.

I desperately want to make floral crowns. Ashley Tipton’s crowns are the absolute best.

There are some pretty adorable DIY’s out there too. How can I resist?

And just look at these THINGS!

I need the things.

I need plants.