Wish Boxes

Need to save money for a trip or a big expense but you’re not buying it for another year or more?

Get yourself a wish box.


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It’s a shadow box, some wish boxes actually have a slot that you can drop stuff through, but the important part is that this box is specifically for a purpose. You save money in the frame, and watch the cash fill it up. Just put a picture of what you want inside. It could be a trip to Japan (like me), or you want a fancy new car, or a kitchen remodel, or maybe you want a tattoo (also me). Maybe you want to collect something? I collect soda can tabs to donate to the Shriner’s hospital. Most people drop movie ticket stubs in or save wine corks (aren’t you fancy).

Michael’s has this Top-Loading Shadowbox in 12″x12″ and 11″x14″ sizes. During Xmas they have smaller sizes and different colors, that’s how I got mine.

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But a standard shadowbox will get the job done, you’ll just have to take the back off anytime you want to deposit moneys.

Super easy to decorate, it’s all up to you. I started off with some stickers that I bought at Michael’s. I’m going to replace them with nicer pictures and art. You can even write the amount with dry-erase marker on the glass of the shadow box; it wipes right off!


I’ve saved quite a bit for my trip to Japan already. Hopefully I’ll have enough for an awesome two week back-packing adventure in 4 years. Hopefully I’ll also have a partner to accompany me.

I collect coins and dollars, and the occasional larger bill, whenever I have cash. I get excited when I find a penny, and do a dance when I find a quarter. Parking lots are great for change, by the way.

Have you ever received a money gift, and go through the motions, “Oh you didn’t have to do that, that’s not necessary, thank you, but you really didn’t have to!” as you slowly and smoothly pocket the money? Because I totally do that.

Here’s a really handy guide to saving money fast from Keeping Up with Kelsey:


“The gist of it is that any time a $5 bill comes into your possession, you put it aside instead of spending it.” The bills add up so you can buy that big ticket item.

And if all else fails, you can always…


It’s there, just in case.

I’m going to go watch UP now.