Spotlight: Ivania Carpio



Creator of blog “Love Aesthetics.”

Her blog is aptly named, because I surely do love her aesthetics.
White, with a streak of black, the occasional hardware and metal, transparent and ghostly acrylics, a touch of grey here and there–these are her.

She started her blog in 2008 and has gone onto become a prominent figure in the Dutch online fashion world, as well as made quite a standing on Instagram. She is recognized by her all white style, including her hair. She has a beautiful black tattoo on the back of her leg and fine line down her arm. I adore the simple and often revolutionary ideas she has for nails. She herself, is intensely beautiful. Her Instagram is full of crisp, clean moments dotted by raw happiness of more intimate shots of her life and her family. She’s not just about clothes and styling, but also interiors and product design, and has tips on living minimalist.

I can’t get enough of this minimalism.

A quote from her site:
“To me, it is all about the essentials. Minimalism is about knowing yourself and what you want, and also about what you do not want and eliminating that from your life. It’s about holding on to the things that are functional, that you find absolutely beautiful or inspiring. That also applies to non-physical things. I don’t have any games on my phone because I don’t want to waste time doing things I don’t absolutely love. I guess minimalism is, essentially, about deciding where to put your focus.”

In the years that I have followed her blog, she has taught me to appreciate fine details, textures, and subtleties. Count me as grateful for stumbling upon her blog.


Love Aesthetics