Star Wars DIY Projects


*foams at the mouth*

Bring on the fanfare~~!!

Oh the chills.

Best song, ever.

I will fight you on that.

Anyone else freaking out over the new movie as much as I am?

I have to wait to see the new movie because I’ll be in Asia. I think my excuse is pretty worth it, though.

I’ve already demanded to the family that the first things we do when we get back to the states is (1) eat Mexican food, and (2) see Star Wars: The Force Awakens… Right away… First day back… No exceptions.

In the meantime, don’t we deserve some fanatical inspiration?

The Interior DIYer (previously called “Hydrangea Girl”) has a these amazing Star Wars themed projects:

Pillow DIY “Seam Wars” I adore that she used the tag from the shirt, it’s a little extra something for the pillow!

Refurbished Globe “Death Star Globe” Best one I’ve seen yet.

Quote Art “Embossed Labels” Says I love you to the Death Star and back. Ugh, so meta. Love it.

At Tattooed Martha, she gives a great tutorial on no-sew panels for shorts.


Really, you can use whatever fabric you want to make your panel shorts, but this Star Wars fabric is the bomb.

His-and-Hers pillow cases from SatMorningPancakes. The link takes you to the Etsy listing, not a tutorial, but I can so see a Silhouette and iron-on project inspired from this.


Another Etsy shop, CustomationsArt, used to have this adorable pixel art of an Ewok walking through the forest. This would be easy to make, trust me! Make your Perler bead Ewok and print out a forest scene, cut and paste! Done!


Ugh, too cute! Yub nub!

This is INTENSE! A wall-mounted taxidermy Wampa head?! Holy moly cow! Yes please!


Our Nerd Home created this guy from scratch! The couple also made a great 8-bit fire in that picture, didn’t they? They have their own Death Star globe, too. I love, love, love their geeky ideas! Nerd Love Forever!!

Chris McVeigh deigns LEGO building guides and is gracious enough to post them for free! He has many designs, these are just the best because they are Star Wars. You’ve got the Millennium Falcon, Fett’s Slave, a Tie Fighter, and the Death Star.


Guess who is finally getting to build with LEGO bricks? This chick. I’m pointing to myself. My childhood was devoid of LEGO. I know, tragic.

DIY yourself a Star Wars terrarium! You could buy a set from this Etsy listing.


DIY, you must.

Lastly, but not leastly, my contribution:

Pixel Star Wars ornament set and tree topper.


From left to right: BB8, R2D2, C3PO, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, an Ewok, and Yoda

My favorite is the Ewok! It’s so cute! Yub nub!

The bead holes make ornament conversion super easy.

 You’re more than welcome to make your own using my designs as a template, or buy from me when I come back from my trip. The set is $25, or $3 each and $5 for Yoda!

Happy Holidays!

May the Force Be With You!


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