Xmas Tree 2015

Soooo…. I love decorating for the holidays, maaaaybe a bit too much. And I especially love decorating for Xmas.


Last year I did up the stairway banister and the entryway balcony, arranged the family music boxes on the dining table, displayed swags on our garage lights for the neighborhood to see, hung stockings on the wall (because we don’t have a fireplace), and garnished TWO trees–one for me and one for the family. The house was traditional red with poinsettias, and whatnot. My tree was blues, sea greens, teal, and white to match my office. I spent a lot of money, time, and energy on my holiday spirit.

This year… there’s no tree.

No stockings.

No swags.

No poinsettias.

No ribbon or music boxes or garlands.


The family voted and I lost. They said it wouldn’t be worth it this year. I’ll explain why after the events transpire–it will be a HUGE post in January–coincidentally, I will not be posting on Xmas or New Years for the same reason. Don’t worry, it will be worth it.

But I’m going to forsake the family decision and decorate my own little tree this year. I found this amazing 3 foot tall FIBER OPTIC tree at Goodwill. It will replace my old 4 foot tree with a broken base, I’m giving it away for free to a friend. I’ll have to show her how to use a basket to get it to stand up.

And the theme for my amazing FIBER OPTIC tree? I’m super excited about the fiber optic lights, it’s just my style.

The theme–!!

Asia inspired.

You may be wondering, why Asia? It has to do with the aforementioned events.

That I can’t tell you about yet.

Because of reasons.

It’s so good too.

Oh, dammit, I’ll just tell you!

~*~*~I’m going to Asia!~*~*~


*gasps for air*

I’m done now.

I started plans for Xmas the day after Halloween–0kay, it might have been before Halloween… the Inspiration Fairy is a fickle thing, I can’t control when she strikes! I just go with it! Stop judging me!

For the selection process and to help me document my ideas, I used an app called “Evernote.”


I have it on my computer (only on Windows 8+ and equivalent) and my droid. It’s fantastic. I can sync whatever I write in the app to both devices so I always have the updated version of my notes wherever I go.

This was my list for the tree theme, and all the ornament ideas I had for it. There was another theme I wanted to do called “Cozy Forest” since last year’s tree, but I’ll save it for another year.

Evernote screenshot.png

Love the check box function.

You can organize your notes, lists, and writings into “notebooks” for easier navigation, and editing is a breeze, even on your mobile!

Now that you’ve seen the selection process… Here’s how I do a tree:

  1. Select a base for your tree. I don’t like the stand showing, nor do I like standard tree skirts, although I do love this DIY ruffled tree skirt.original_Marian-Parsons-Christmas-tree-skirt-beauty-with-presents_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462I went with a basket I got at Hobby Lobby to cover the chunky base. 20151205_121628.jpg
  2. ScentSicles–great for fake trees, makes them smell all Christmasy. I got mine at Michael’s, but you can get them at many different stores. Snow Berry is my favorite scent out of the bunch. Hang one or two in your tree, possibly more depending on the size of your tree or how smelly you want it.beb89769-ce33-434c-adc3-d5423ac60b11_400
  3. Next go in the flowers. I really love magnolia flowers, I made this centerpiece for the family dining table out of these flowers. I thought magnolias would be gorgeous in a Xmas tree and would match the theme nicely.20151201_225259 Be sure to fluff the flowers, fake flowers’ individual petals can be shifted around to make the plant look fuller. And yes, that is a Beanie Baby.
  4. Now comes the fun part.

    The ornaments!

    I shove solid colored orbs inside the tree first, creating multi-dimensions and adding to the sparkle from the reflective surfaces of the bulbs. There will be a lot of shifting around. In the words of the almighty Tim Gunn, “Make it work!” 

  5. I had a friend make me a bunch of origami cranes. He makes them constantly and leaves them around the Texas State campus for people to find. Sometimes I help him hide them or hand them out to strangers! It’s always a pleasure to see someone’s face from the little gesture. There is an ancient Japanese legend that promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. Here’s a tutorial if you want to make the cranes yourself:

    Here’s a fun video of my friend Franco making the cranes. I get distracted, crack myself up, and commentate the entirety of the process. 

     I say crap a lot for someone who prides herself on being “classy”.
  6. I use random objects in my tree for ornaments, such as a metal ninja star I found on the floor at an anime convention, or a metal fortune cookie favor that was a stocking-stuffer a few years ago, or scrapbook stickers such as these paper lanterns I bought at Michael’s when I was 17. 20151205_121817
  7. I hung strings of beads as well. My favorites are the cinnabar strand and the bronze Asian style metal trinkets.


  8. I made a couple ornaments in the past using seasonal flowers I bought from Michael’s. These are frost covered pink Sakura blossoms. And these are red glittered Sakura blossoms, which are being sold right now in stores.


  9. Take advantage of ornaments that have been in your family. I used these handmade beaded ornaments. There is something so exotic about them even though the style is actually vintage.
  10. Don’t be afraid to check seemingly unrelated stores for ornament ideas. I found this awesome crushed glass orb at Home Depot a couple years ago. It’s very heavy so I had to super glue a alligator hair clip to the top and clip to a low branch. I also found succulent balls at Michael’s, used old jewelry and pendants.


  11. Hit up Goodwill, Homegoods, World Market, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Michael’s, Etsy, thrift stores, and more!

I was going to do a tree topper that had a pipe cleaner dragon that was based off the designs by the artist tablad.

But honestly, there’s no room on my tree!

Here’s with the lights on!


Have a Happy Holiday!