Get. In. My. Life! The Watch Edition


Watches are one of my favorite accessories.

Function and fashion, what more could I ask for?

I love watches so much, I’ve made art out of them.

amethyst gears progress MERGED LAYERS darkgears_final Vector-Green Gears orangegears_final

The “Gears” series. They’re vector images of various skeletonized (gears are visible) watches, made in Adobe Illustrator. Takes forever, but it’s rather soothing. I can create a how-to for it one day, but not today.

I want these on my arms. Today. But I can’t afford them. If you can, I’m jealous.


Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop Gold-Tone Watch

I love this one because the turquoise/teal-whatever-you-want-to-call-that-color-it’s-up-for-debate, and it’s for a good cause. One of the more affordable watches on this list, for $295. For every watch sold, the World Food Program will provide 100 meals for hungry children in need!


Stuhrling Original

This one is super expensive, $2,725! Yeah, I’m not buying that, but damn, the contrasting colors are soooo nice. Just look at this thing!

62b24a16d88aad883df98fd2003cfd3e product-hugerect-428917-139159-1419937826-2297061e8e1bd2c4754cb056b4a9ee44

Transparent Dial Black Watch

Okay, so this one is the most affordable, at $7.99. The link goes to the watch on the right. I want the watch on the left, which is what I was searching for on Pinterest, but the link sent me to the site Luulla in the end. I’m skeptical to buy this watch because it’s so cheap, I fear it will fall apart quickly. Watches are one of those things that you buy for quality. So I’ll be searching for a watch that I can trust more that looks like this one. The design is so cool!


I found this picture of a FACELESS watch years ago, before Pinterest, and I have yet to find the original source, or a company that makes this specific watch. It may not be as functional as other watches, but I still like the concept!


Jord’s Dover series Ebony & Copper wood watch

For $295. Just look at it! It’s wood! And skeletonized! With a pop of turquoise!! *foams at mouth*

I usually gravitate towards what are considered men’s style watches, because they are larger and can have the gears bare. Chicks can pull off large watches too! Come on, fashion world!

Ugh, I need to learn how to stack watches. I just love how these people do it!

Stacking can also be referred to as “arm candy” or having an “arm party,” the latter makes me chorkle.


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