“The Many Uses for a Plaster Skull” Turned Into a Rant about Halloween Projects

I worked in a craft store, so imagine my delight to see a whole aisle of Halloween stuff freshly stocked after my day off. I immediately started hyperventilating because I wanted everything, couldn’t afford it, nor did I have the room. I will only allow myself two or three projects per season if the Inspiration Fairy and Mr. Motivation can get along. One such project has me in a conundrum.

During the years I worked, Michael’s has sold very heavy plaster skulls for $12.99, and every year I tell myself I’m going to buy it when it goes on sale for half off. And every year, it sells out before I could get my hands on it. 9ne c day I’ll get it….

I’m at a loss of what to do with the skull once I have it. I always wanted to paint it like a sugar skull, but I tried that last year on a pumpkin without drawing out a design and I, well, didn’t hate it, but I don’t like it either.

got paid to decorate pumpkins

I can totally do a better skull than that!

But, of course, I’m still grateful I got paid to decorate pumpkins!

Did you get to see the new pumpkins Michael’s started selling this year?? There are half pumpkins, chalkboard pumpkins, white, black, and orange pumpkins! Craft ideas abound!

cross-stitch half pumpkin

This one is my favorite project idea, it fits my style.

Adorable and off topic! Back to the plaster skull!

What to do, what to do?

The Band Wife had this functional and easy idea:


Here’s the tutorial for the “Make Your Own Skull Bookends” on her awesome blogsite!

A Beautiful Mess decorated their plaster skull like David Bowie:


That’s freaking adorable and who would of thought of that?! Read more about it here!

Or what about a tattoo drawing on the skull?


Found on Pinterest, it goes to a Tumblr page. Seems easy enough: spray paint black and draw details with a white paint marker.

I could cover the skull in studs like this one from Z Gallerie.


Or glue pearls and gemstones in bunches like on this delicate looking skull.a1111bffabc5e514c3e093c0ccb28915

Painting the skull in chalkboard paint would be another great functional decor idea.

Michael’s Arts & Crafts store shared this idea on their site:

michaels plaster skull ideaThis is my favorite idea, although I’m not a fan of the gray color, but I love the idea of gilding the inside of the skull so that light will reflect off the interior making it glow. You could up the glow more by putting an LED candle inside it, too.

Some other ideas I thought of: silver-leafed, color-blocked, decoupage, succulent planter, watercolor painting, and galaxy.

I kind of love the idea of making a galaxy or watercolor painting, but I also love the tattoo drawings, and the gilding ideas. INDECISION!

I’ll post a DIY of what I end up doing. In the meantime, let me know what you think! Leave a comment, please and thanks!