Get. In. My. LIFE!

Let’s face it, I want things, you want things, things are great.


Kendra Scott “Elton Bracelet” with Abalone.

Official site here

It’s $55. I’ve been told that’s a low end price for a Kendra Scott piece. But $55 on one bracelet!!? I cannot seem to justify the purchase, but I keep coming back to it. It’s black, black is my jam–and green-blue abalone is one of my favorite jewelry settings–and it’s quality made with quality materials–and has a guarantee that if it breaks it can be replaced by another of choice–and I tried it on in the store and it wanted me too–and I’m ranting so much–this is a run-on sentence that will make my high school AP English teachers wish they had failed me–and!–it’s so preeeetty!

I’m probably going to buy it shortly after I publish this post.


Cube by Cubify

Your own 3D printer that’s so cute you could have it sitting out as it’s own decoration!!? YAS.

From Cubify, they have created a professional-grade 3D printer that is small, chic, and kid-safe. They even have an app where you can choose designs and print from your smartphone.

Get the Cube here for $999. I certainly am after I get a house to fill my 3D printed creations with.


Pokemon Unown magnets

An alternative to the boring, expected, drag alphabet magnet set that eeeeveryone has. Be cool like Gary Oak and get this awesome set!! I know I am!

Full set is pricey, but you can pick and choose your letters at a much more affordable cost. Here’s the listing. UGH I WANT THEM NOW!



In the spirit of all the superhero movies coming out, and Comic-con releasing all those trailers for more superhero movies, I want this shirt. Oh Comic-con, I will attend you one day….

Wish I could be… Part of that woooooorld”

And now I’m weeping because Comic-con.

I will probably make my own version of this shirt, but if you’d like a professionally made tee with this funny saying, by all means, here’s the link! You can get it in all kinds of colors and shirt styles, for men, women, unisex, and even infant. And it’s a good price!


Paper to Petal book

By Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell, if you didn’t want to read the cover. I like the idea of using everyday craft supplies to make something beautiful, and each one will be unique. Amazon has that awesome “look inside” feature and it shows how vibrant the pictures are. I was excited to find another paper flower how-to book, my other book only shows how to make realistic flowers; this new book teaches outside of the box.

You can purchase it for your Kindle or hardback through Amazon. I’m going for the physical copy because I prefer holding*coughhoardingcoughcough* books.


Big Mouth Toys The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Oh. My. God. I never needed a tacky garden decoration as much as I need this one. Right now. Big Mouth Toys on Amazon makes many more silly gnomes, but this one takes the cake. Or rather, the gnome-filled cake. You do your thing, Godzilla-like monster, eat those obnoxious gnomes.

I have a slight hatred for gnomes because of the Fable III video game…. If you’ve played it, you know what I mean.



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