DIY Simple Seed-Bead Earrings

I saw these darling seed-bead earrings on Pinterest and wanted to make my own, and alter it a little to my taste. I intend to make many more with lots of colors based on the picture as well.

Here’s my version

Earrings completed

A little different, yes, hence “Pinspiration”. I wanted the wire to contrast the delicate seed beads and crystal beads.

What you need:

  1. Wire cutters, mine came from this set
  2. Fishhook earring blanks x2
  3. Crystal beads x2
  4. At least 4 crimp beads, small size
  5. Bead caps x2 (Bead Landing brand, in store only)
  6. E6000 glue–it’s the best!
  7. Seed beads
  8. Stringing wire
  9. Crimp tool
  10. Optional, bead design board


I got all my supplies at Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store, links are provided for each item. Wait for sales and don’t forget your coupon!

The How-To:

Cut some wireCut 6 strands of mono-filament wire per earring (12 total), at least 5 inches long–will not be using entire length.

Thread the beads

Thread seed-beads onto wire. Try different amounts per wire. I ended up taking several beads off after this picture. It’s not a mistake, it’s problem solving!Crimp 3 strands at a time Crimp 3 strands together, layering them at different heights.

Crimp the other 3 strandsCrimp the other 3 strands together.

crazy uneven wires

Trim those crazy, uneven wires so it’s easier to work with.

Stack together

Stack the two groups together the way you like. I wanted most of the strands in the back while a couple short ones sat over the large bead. Excuse my cuticles….

Insert into bead cap

Thread the groups through the bead cap, pulling the ends through the top.

Trim excess wire

Trim excess wire from the top of the bead cap.

Prepare earring hooks

Prepare fishhook earring blank by bending the loop open. This will remain open. Bumps are okay in the opened loop, you won’t see them.

Insert hook into bead cap

Insert fishhook earring into the top of the bead cap.


Glue strands and earring hook into bead cap by applying a small amount of E6000 into the bead cap. Just a squeeze will do, this stuff goes a long way. E6000 is actually pretty fast drying, but just to be sure it’s good and cured, let dry overnight. It becomes waterproof after a week!

I use the smaller size of E6000 because the regular size will crack open after long-term use, ruining the glue.

Apply glue over a protected surface!! As you can see, I moved the project so I don’t ruin the nice wood of my dining table. My sisters and father would kill me.

Make the other one

Earrings come in pairs, so make the other one!

Wearing the earrings

Flaunt them!


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