First Post

The sky above my home on June 19th, 2015

I made this blog’s skeleton a while back, like months and months back, with the full intention of getting it started by summertime. Summer has begun and I just got around to writing something. I’m not sure why I waited so long, I made several plans, did research, made lists of ideas, and started documenting my life, but I never actually uploaded anything. Why?

I’m an ambitious person, at least I’d like to think that I am, and I strive to be a genuine person. I am also fearful. I don’t like failure, I don’t know anyone who does. But to sit idly by and let time take away my chances, that’s failure in itself. So here I am, writing nonsense, but happy that I finally made the plunge. The cliche-filled plunge.

I admire bloggers, all of which you can find in my top 25 list somewhere on my blog. I still need to figure out how to navigate WordPress and master the tools of the site, not to mention get into a better habit of documenting my projects. Most of the people I follow are DIYers, and that is what my blog is about. I love art, DIY, and creativity, and I want to share my ideas and the ideas of others. There’s something about visiting a page and seeing something inspiring that you can also create, and all you have to do is follow someone’s tutorial. I find myself excited to visit their blogs, each person has their own unique style and voice and it rings in my being. I think it speaks so much to me because my personal philosophy is that everyone knows something that I don’t, and I want to learn it. It makes every person on the planet all the more unique and special.

My goal is not to become famous or a popular blogger, my goal is to be another source for people to feel welcome and inspired. This gives me a vent for my ideas that are taking up space in my brain, and they need to vacate the premises so I can move on to other things! I invite people to comment and share, make their own and show it off, make friends, and encourage creativity beyond your own life.

To start off this blog, I’m featuring a picture I took with my Android phone, I edited the houses out of the trees so that they aren’t an ugly distraction, but other than that the picture is untouched. Not bad for a cell phone camera, tech has definitely come a long way since my first phone! This was the sky above my home in Austin, Texas, on June 19th 2015. I had to run to get the shot because the sun was setting. Sometimes things are worth the effort, you just have to look for it, and sometimes hurry.